90 Minute therapeutic massage
90 minutes

Ninety Minute massage, good for multiple problem areas and maintenance of healthy structures. Usually for monthly appointments or bi-weekly appointments.

120 minute massage
120 minutes

75 Minute Therapeutic Massage
75 minutes

Just longer than an hour, this is good if there are multiple unrelated issues. Chronic pain in low back and plantarfasciitis. Appropriate for treatments that are complicated, sciatica or numbness in the feet. Thoracic outlet syndrome or numbness in the hands.

One Hour Therapeutic Massge
60 minutes

An hour massage focusing on the problem area and compensatory structures. Good for pain management, and chronic pain issues. Low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, psychosomatic disorders like anxiety, or depression.

45 Minute Therapeutic Massge
45 minutes

This treatment is good for bodies on the mend. Once you are getting over an acute injury and are tapering from multiple appointments per week to single appointment. The therapist is able to look at a few compensating structures but the main focus is on one problem.

30 Minute Therapeutic Massge
30 minutes

A short treatment time, and is not recommended for first appointments. During a thirty minute session the therapist can focus on one issue more simple issue without any compensating structures.