May 7, 2020 *** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

It looks as though non-emergency Acupuncture may be included in Phase 2 which may begin on May 19th 2020! This is very exciting and also brings forth the importance of preparing and adusting so that we can operate safely and effectively. We are all in it together!
Please take note of the following changes to clinic procedures:

*All patients will be contacted before each session to do a COVID-19 screening. We cannot accept any patients into the clinic who either have the virus or have any concern that they may have been exposed to the virus. However!! Sally is available to help (disclaimer: NOT COVID-19 cure but for emotional and other symptoms) via a telehealth appointment. Please email Sally directly if you would like some help over the phone or a Skype or Zoom session.

*Treatment time lengths have been adjusted to 40min and 70min, to allow for 20min intervals between appointments, to allow for proper distancing and sterilizing procedures.

*Please do your best to arrive at your scheduled time, not early. As well, please do your best to help us wrap up on time as well to take care to keep everyone safe and healthy.

*All treatments will be done in the front 'Yang Room' where the windows can open. If you are sensitive to light, please bring sunglasses and a sleep mask or bean bag to cover your eyes for your rest time.

*Please wash your hands upon entering and exiting the clinic. You can use our sink in the clinic. There will also be hand sanitizer available.

*Please try to use the washroom before you come to your appointment so that you wont need to use the one in the building. If you must, you may still use the one on the premises. Please use hand sanitizer before and after handling the washroom key.

*Please do not bring any food or snacks to your appointment. Please eat before you come in.

*Please wear a mask at all times when you are in the clinic. We will also be wearing a mask. This is to protect each other. If you can bring your own that would be very helpful, as we have a limited supply only. Cloth ones are fine! We are asking for the purpose of containing possible droplets and preventing "talking moistly" ;)

*Please remove your shoes before entering the clinic and place in a bag until you leave. Please try to remember to bring your own bag.

*We regret that we will not be accepting new patients at this time as we have less appointments available due to distancing procedures and we want to prioritize our current patients' care.

*If you are inquiring to be a New Patient, please send us an email with a request to be placed on the waitlist. We will either look for another wonderful practitioner for you, or we will book you as soon as we have a spot for you.

*Please take care and know that we REALLY look forward to helping you again!

*If you have an emergency (8+/10 symptoms) we may be able to see you before the Phase 2 opens, as according to our College Registrar guidelines. Please email us if you are in dire need!


March 14, 2020

Dear valued community,

In light of our recent global COVID-19 viral concerns, we are CLOSED for the time being. We hope that this will all settle sooner than later and to be able to get back into the clinic as soon as possible.

We will be reaching out to each of you who have appointments in our schedule. Please feel free to do the same!

If you would like support through this time please reach out to us anytime and we will do our best to align you with some helpful resources.

Take care and keep healthy. Our dear Earth is benefitting from all of this slow down and hopefully we will all too!

In peace & health,

Delphine & Sally
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