Welcome! Please note all treament fees will increase Jan 15, 2019. Thanks.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment.

NEW PATIENTS: If you have never been to our clinic, we require you to book a 45 or 60 minute FIRST APPOINTMENT;
New patients that book a Subsequent Appointment will have their appointment cancelled through email.

Please read your confirmation email thoroughly and call if you have any concerns with our clinic policies for payments, cancellations, etc. Further information can be found here, Frequently Asked Questions.

Our schedules are very full and we honour the commitment to care that we have made to our existing patients. Although it may look like there are many First Appointments available, we still reserve the right to limit the number of new patients in order to serve our existing patients to the best of our abilities.

When creating your online profile, please use a different email address for each patient and do not change the name of the patient once it's created (alternative emails can be added for notification purposes). Patients who share emails are at risk for not receiving notifications from the system.

Thank you for respecting your time, our time and that of fellow patients!.
If you can't find the time you want, try a different service or duration if possible. If you still can't find your preferred time, please complete the Wait List Request and we will do our best to let you know if a suitable time becomes available.

Wait List Request