Change of Cancellation Policy

To Clients,

I would like to inform you that our cancellation policy has now changed to 24 hours.

We appreciate your cooperation!

The AJA Team

Shelley Hardy

Shelley believes that life is an ongoing journey of personal discovery and that much self compassion is required! As a counsellor, it brings Shelley joy to encourage people to discover their own unique inner and outer resources to live the life they dream of.

Shelley is a Certified Teacher, holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has many years’ experience working with children and adults, couples and families. Although well versed in theory, she likes to bring her practical nature when developing a framework for understanding each unique individual. In her work with clients, she is able to adapt a variety of helpful skills such as CBT and Lifespan Integration to assist the client in making movement forward.

Shelley treats both children and adults for anxiety issues, and teaches parent education. She also treats depression (including postpartum depression), grief and loss, and teaches anger management for all ages. She helps create results-based parenting plans for couples who are separated or divorced, and is experienced in presenting on a variety of mental health issues to small or large groups.

Shelley truly understands both the struggles and the joys of family life. Relying on her personal experience as a wife and mother of three is one of the many ways she connects with and supports clients. She is intimately aware of the challenges that relationships present, and values the strength and wisdom that life's difficulties offer each one of us.
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