Change of Cancellation Policy

To Clients,

I would like to inform you that our cancellation policy has now changed to 24 hours.

We appreciate your cooperation!

The AJA Team

Salley Ann Ross

Salley-Ann sees the potential in every person; whether it is working with families through divorce, parenting issues, children, youth, trauma, anger, grief or mental health issues. She believes that the road to authenticity stems from knowing and living our truth. She understands that when we face a challenge our true journey begins. As a client centered therapist with the coupling of clinical counselling and expressive arts therapy Salley-Ann has a well-rounded approach to counselling. She is committed to doing her best to assist clients in meeting their goals, and finds that her clients often exceed their own expectations!
Salley-Ann is passionate about process, enthusiastic about change and extremely real about life’s challenges. Salley-Ann approaches each person, family, and situation with a conviction that if there is motivation then there is opportunity. As a therapist that has lived a life of colourful ebbs and flows, Salley-Ann brings richness into her therapeutic relationships that remain solid, realistic, yet challenging. Each client and family have their own story, there is no correct formula. Salley-Ann has a refreshing, open minded approach to working with individuals and families that is fine tuned to what they bring to counselling.
As a key note speaker, accomplished musician, music therapist, clinical counsellor, and guided imagery therapist, Salley-Ann works with individuals of all ages and circumstances. Salley-Ann is no stranger to life’s challenges and as a divorced mother of three almost grown daughters she has embarked on her own journey of blending a family. She welcomes her clients to embark on a journey of healing, truth, inner peace and a continual pathway to wellness.
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