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Although the Alberta "Restrictions Exemption Program" (vaccination certificate or vaccination passport) has ended, Body Balance Therapy kindly requests, for the time being, that our clients and staff provide Body Balance with their proof of vaccination along with an official piece of ID (such as a driver's license) upon their first visit (new clients) or next visit (regular clients).

If you have questions or concerns regarding any accommodations for use of negative rapid test results within 72 hours of service or documentation of a medical exemption for the vaccine, please contact Sandra Strangman by phone at 780-455-1764 or email her at

These restrictions are effective immediately and are subject to change as needed.

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and support of Body Balance Therapy policies to keep our clients and staff comfortable and safe while they are at our facility.

We are NOT affiliated with Balance Massage-West located at 149 Street and 111th Avenue or at any Balance Massage location wherever located.

Sandra Strangman (RMT)

Sandra has over 20 years of experience and is the founder and owner of Body Balance. Sandra's years of experience in volunteer work with the Shumka dancers, track and field, Olympic lifting, hockey, soccer as well local fundraising events has given her the ability to help and mentor many new therapists. Sandra has keen interest in athletics of any kind and has continued to educate herself in modalities such as kinesiology taping etc. Her specialty is deep tissue massage in an interactive environment with her clients. She has fostered a clinic that encourages the constant learning and cooperation between therapists to bring the highest quality of work to each client. The free flow booking system that she has developed and fostered allows clients a great variety of massage experience and education about the needs of their own well being. Sandra is in compliance with the new insurance standards for Manulife, Blue cross and Sunlife.
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Sandra was recommended to me by a friend and I was blown away by her knowledge expertise and amazing techniques. I am currently studying Massage Therapy and Sandra gave me more knowledge in 75 minutes then I’ve learnt for my textbook. Sandra is well educated in all areas of massage but also in many areas of overall health and well-being. She clearly keeps herself up-to-date on all the new and upcoming information regarding massage and other areas of wellness. I’m a bit high strung and I found Sandra was able to use grounding and relaxation techniques that I honestly didn't realize until the session was over. I would recommend Sandra to anyone wanting a mind and body benefiting massage. Do yourself a favour, book 75 min or more it’s well worth the benefits your body will receive. Koren March 1 2022

My hands, back and shoulders have hurt for years. After 2 visits with Sandra, range of motion is incredible, soreness is practically 0, strength has returned and my quality of life is wonderful. I am looking forward to my next visit. Sandra is fun to be around personally and a dedicated professional!

I appreciated the massage from Sandra. She is very thorough and asks for feedback throughout. Highly recommended!

Sandra is an excellent therapist and a pleasure to chat with. If you like deep tissue massages I recommend her highly!

An excellent, therapeutic, Massage. Sandra is very knowledgeable about the body and what you need to be doing to get out of discomfort and pain. I will definitely be back.

Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Total professional and a super nice person too. Highly recommended

Excellent technique giving long-lasting results without any pain. How wonderful! Thank you Sandra.

Great deep tissue massage.

It was a lovely deep tissue massage

I had my first massage therapy session with Sandra in 1997. Since then, I have been to more than a couple dozen therapists and I have to say, no one is as qualified, skilled or effective as Sandra. Her knowledge and guidance have helped me overcome several chronic issues with lower back pain, vehicle injury, posture correction. Just as important, Sandra's ability to put clients at ease and accommodate for their specific health issues and needs goes deep. She is a warm, caring, sensitive and funny human being.

I'd describe my appointment as...sensational! 47 years old and my first massage ever. Sandra made my experience so that I've already booked my next appointment:) highly recommend her and excited to try other RMT's at Body Balance !!

I'd describe my appointment as...exhausted joy!

I'd describe my appointment as... satisfying and effective. Sandra Strangman is a sympathetic, helpful and motivating professional. I always feel good after leaving her clinic -- mentally and physically. Sandra is incredibly knowledgeable and the perfect person to treat my sports-related injuries.

I'd describe my appointment as entertainingly painful. No, I'm not a masochist, but Sandra's personable patter kept me distracted while she very thoroughly dealt with a pain issue. The whole atmosphere at Body balance is comfortably professional, and I will return.

I'd describe my appointment as... one of the most knowledgeable RMTs I've met and very professional office. My first visit was fantastic and I will definitely be back thanks to Sandra.

I'd describe my appointment excellent benefit to the healing of my heel spur and soft tissue damage to my foot. Since starting these treatments I am able to put more pressure on my heel for longer periods of time. Sandra is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treating injuries. Body balance is a fantastic clinic full of great people.

I have had several cold laser therapy sessions on my shoulder, knee & forearm. Each is a different kind of injury & the cold laser works for pain relief & in the case of my shoulder, which was a 3rd degree separation of the AC joint, I believe it healed me quicker & I was able to finish my physio therapy sooner.

I have had several appointments with Sandra for massage. It is a very deep massage and she if very thorough. I have a number of ailments & she is able to address each of them. Each appointment she asks what problem areas I would like her to work on in addition to the normal full body massage. She will also adjust the depth & pressure if you are uncomfortable or unable to take her normal pressure. She continues to ask throughout the massage. You feel tired but good after the massage. I would highly recommend her for a massage.

I'd describe my appointment as...Excellent because Sandra always first finds out how my knee replacement is doing and how I am feeling. She takes care to discuss all aspects of the treatment, in this case I had Cold laser Therapy, and how it will affect the knee and the healing process. Sandra always give me information on new ways to treat and improve my injury. I recommend Sandra to all my friends and family for massage and cold laser treatments..

I'd describe my appointment as fabulous. I asked for, and got, therapeutic deep tissue massage. Sandra is very knowledgeable and gives one a running commentary on what she is doing to what muscle, joint or ligament, and how they work with each other. Although I don't understand it all, some of it gets through to my brain! She is strong and can really put one through the wringer, but is careful to ask for feedback on whether one can take that much pressure or wants more. I am happy to have found someone who will do what is required to get the job done!

It was wonderful. I had a problem with my shoulder and lower back and Sandra did the magic. Sandra knows what to do to make your body tension go away. Looking forward to see her again.

another wonderful massage by Sandra!

I'd describe my appointment as amazing! Sandra never disappoints.

I'd describe my appointment as...the best deep tissue massage I've ever had! At other massage places I always left disappointed with the session. Although I'd tell them deep tissue, the pressure was barely enough to feel. Sandra gave me the pressure I needed, comic relief, and valuable take home advice. I will be back (many times) and will be sending my husband as well! Thanks again!

Best massage I've ever had! Sandra, not only is concerned about your past/current health, but she makes suggestions in order to ensure you have a healthy future. She is all about preventative maintenance. Her love of an active lifestyle is contagious.

I'd describe my appointment as very beneficial. I was involved in a rear end car accident. The cold laser treatment and massage helped with the pain and the healing process.

I'd describe my appointment as always the best deep tissue massage a person could get. Sandra along with the other therapists at Body Balance provide the very best in quality professional therapeutic massage services anywhere I have ever found.

I'd describe my appointment as...exceptional quality and value.

I'd describe my appointment as...incredibly healing and rejuvenating. I lied down on Sandra's massage table feeling sad, miserable and in pain. I tried to resist her infectious joy and energy for the first 5 minutes of the massage to no avail. Her genuine concern for my health and her buoyant personality broke down much of the walls, both physical and emotional, that I had been trying to maintain for some time. She instantly found a crick in my back that had been bothering for me for months, even though no one else I'd tried to coerce into massaging it had noticed anything there. Her technique is incredibly refined...she had all these little ways of touching me that seemed to guide everything back into alignment. Today I went in for a massage with Meghan (another therapeutic genius who works at Body Balance) and I overheard something that completely touched me. Sandra does not take tips! I think she must view her work as fulfilling and must feel that making people feel better is a reward in itself. I think that's pretty selfless and indicative of a true healer. (Not that good massage therapists don't deserve tips...they do!) Sandra has helped me start the journey out of a bit of a depression by putting me back in touch with my body. I really appreciate what she and her staff member Meghan do. Highly recommended!!! And thank you Sandra.

It is the beez kneez. Great service over an above any other provider!

I'd describe my appointment as integrated, professional and comfortable. Sandra is an expert in her field and adjusts her technique/pressure according to the individuals need. She provides a safe environment to receive a healing, therapeutic treatment.

I'd describe my appointment as...Wonderful. I was comfortable, Sandra was great at checking in with me, and I knew I was going to feel much better afterwards.

I've tried the rest, happily I've now found the best! I think people would describe me as being thick - well muscular. Other massages felt like they only scratched the surface. So when I heard that Sandra's massages would leave you crying, I was anxious to give it a try. I was not disappointed. Though I did not cry ( outwardly) I think I cried uncle a few times even if under my breath. So if you have big muscle groups and you need deep relief, you need to see Sandra. I have never gone anywhere else since finding Sandra. Sandra is also very knowlegable in high performance sports such as bikram yoga and marathon running. She provided me with invaluable advice when I tackled by first ever 1/2 marathon. She also has expert advice on how to strengthen the body (knees and ankles for example)to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Whether preparing for a major athletic event, recovering from one, or general maintenance, Sandra will give you exactly what you need.