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Jennifer Naples
BodyWorks Physiotherapy: 156 Manor Dr. Comox


Therapist / Practitioner

Combining gentle stretch, pressure points and joint mobility, stagnancy is removed and energetic flow is increased, significantly improving your physical, mental and emotional well being. Thai Massage is highly effective with: chronic pain, depression, body alignment, migraines, sports injury and emotional trauma.

Nurturing connection between body, mind, spirit and nature, Jennifer creates a safe space to heal and move forward in your life.

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Craniosacral treatment sessions involve a light listening touch on various parts of the body while clients lay in a calm, restful atmosphere.

Allison finds progress in the most challenging of cases. Successful in treating concussions, chronic injury patterns, stress and anxiety, emotional trauma, headaches, colic in infants, adrenal fatigue, prenatal/postnatal. 
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