Elaine Hanson

Elaine's thirty-five year career in dance and bodywork paved the way for her current vocation. As a dancer she spent a lifetime honing a relationship with energies both within and outside the body. As a devoted practitioner of somatic release work, her purpose is to relieve compression within the body, exerting minimum effort for maximum results. A certified Crystal Light Healing Therapist and second degree Reiki practitioner, Elaine has always been impressed with the body's innate desire to come into balance and to express greater health.
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Elaine Hanson’s mindful presence and grounded attention to detail were essential to providing me with the well supported space I needed to deeply settle and to receive her skillful & restorative Facial Rejuvenation Treatment.

Very relaxing experience. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. The treatment will leave you feeling calm. Loved the music and smell of essential oils. Would highly recommend and hope to return for another treatment

I booked an appointment with Elaine Hanson for a cranial sacral session at Clinica Holistica because I was feeling tired, stressed out and out-of-alignment. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. I could mention her professional manner and the fact that she is a skilled practitioner but it was more than that; I felt deeply held and cared for and this allowed me to go to a very deep place beyond space and time. I am happy that I found her and intend to go back for more sessions.