My name is Julie Petrynko and I am the founder of Peak Experience Counselling and a Registered Clinical Counsellor. I work with adults, teens, and couples. I work from a person-centred approach to counselling and utilize many different approaches depending on what suits each individual best. Above all else, I strive to establish meaningful and genuine connections with each person I work with and provide an accepting and calm atmosphere. I recognize that each person and his/her experiences are unique and so, I see that it is necessary to provide therapy that meets the distinct needs of each individual or couple. I also believe that we all have the ability to create the change in ourselves that we wish to occur and it is my passion to help guide you on your quest towards change and growth.

Some of the issues I work with, but are not limited to, include:
• anxiety
• depression
• grief and loss
• dealing with challenging emotions
• relationship conflict and couples counselling
• sexual issues/concerns
• life transition
• stress
• self-esteem
• communication

My approach is very open and accepting. No matter what you are struggling with or how taboo you feel your concerns, you will find that I am an accepting and non-judgmental confidant. I strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing and exploring.

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Client success is partially based on the “fit” of client and therapist. With this in mind, Tiffani brings her true self to the counselling room to engage with her client’s most true self. Working as equals, together they identify goals and engage in exploring each concern with curiosity and openness. Tiffani takes her client’s lead but tends to work in the here and now, accessing the past if it appears to be a barrier to the future. Tiffani works from a Gestalt perspective, which is a humanistic/existential therapy, and works towards increasing her clients' self-awareness in order to lead more satisfying lives. She believes her clients have the resources and ability to solve their problems, but due to experiences in their lives, they become stuck in patterns and beliefs about themselves. Tiffani aims to work alongside her clients to help them illuminate the ways in which they get in their way (unknowingly!) and develop new, more functional and fulfilling ways of being.
Some of Tiffani's areas of expertise include:
Anxiety & Panic
Bereavement counselling
Crisis intervention/Stress management
Life transitions
Identity formation
Self-worth & Self-esteem
Substance use issues
Parenthood decision-making
Postpartum depression
Parenthood post 30.

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