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Dr. Amanda Diep T.C.M.D, R.M.T.

Back pain? Injuries? Neck Pain? Stress? Headaches? Depression? Anxiety? Weight Loss? Dr. Amanda incorporates multiple modalities in your treatment plans that includes, but not limited to: acupuncture, stimulator, ultra sound, myofascial, hot stone, aromatherapy, acupressure, shiatsu and reiki. Added value and services include diet therapy, exercise program and nutritional/supplement plan.

“Your treatment plan is created from multiple perspectives–that of a natural medicine doctor, personal trainer, dietary therapist, psychologist major, and international fitness competitor.”

Dr. Amanda Diep T.C.M.D., BCom, P.T., Program Chair of Cambrooks College
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I'd describe my appointment as...the finest relief I've had in 2 months post injury. After two intensive months of Dr. Amanda's acupuncture, heat, massage, nutritional counselling and electrical stimulation of my lower back I am fully mobile once more. However it took work, dedication, time and belief in the process she put me through. I had my health on the line and in jeopardy: so I was a willing person wanting to do everything in my power to get mobilized. Traditional physiotherapy by the best in Calgary only only left me in intolerable pain, addicted to pain killers. Surgery was my only option and they offered me no full recovery guarantee. I had run out of options with traditional Western medical procedures. My MD did not know what to do. I was referred to the Spinal Care Clinic. Today I am mountain biking 30 kms 3 x a week and will build to 60 km rides 3x a week. with little or no pain and fully mobile. My volcano and underwater photography is no longer a dream but a certainty. Trust Dr. Amanda and her staff. They do exactly what they say they will. But you have to be prepared to follow their plans. Lee Gunderson www.lgunderson.com

I'd describe my appointment as... excellent.; Professional staff and knowlegable therapist. Calgary finally has a true Reflexology clinic.