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Manual Osteopathy

Paul Wagner D.O.M.P
M.Sc. in Exercise Science (Germany), CSEP Exercise Physiologist, Osteopathic Student

Having studied Exercise Physiology and currently studying Osteopathy (5th year), Verena brings a very diverse skill set to the Clinic.

Verena worked as a student assistant and later as a teaching assistant at the German Sports University performing research in exercise and cancer as well as assessing and prescribing exercises to Clients with Chronic Diseases. Research was not fulfilling for Verena, so she decided to get her hands on again with Client’s and moved to the Yukon in 2009 where she worked at the City of Whitehorse and for the Yukon Home Care Program, Health and Social Services.

She got enrolled with the Canadian College of Osteopathy Vancouver campus in 2013 and will be practicing as an osteopathic student within the clinic and incorporating her vast background of rehabilitation, prevention and exercise science.

Verena’s approach is centered on finding the cause of a client's symptoms in order to move towards recovery. Stretching and exercise programs are often discussed, as well as overall body awareness, which Verena believes is paramount in moving the patient forward to better health. She will do so by listening to your goals and expirations and work with your body holistically.

Verena sees Client’s all age groups and fitness/activity levels. She can help with dealing with back pain, headaches, traumatic injuries, prevents injuries or help you reach your fitness goals like finishing your first half marathon. She can help high performance athletes staying healthy during their intense training periods, as well Clients who want to stay healthy (prevention) or become more healthy and active in their day to day lifestyle. Incorporating health and fitness is something that Verena is very passionate about.

Through full body postural and biomechanical evaluation, Verena believe’s that with the use of manual therapy to evaluate, assess, treat and rehabilitate the dysfunctions that are present in the client's body.

In Verena’s spare time, you can find her in the mountains or on the beautiful trails in the sea to sky corridor on skis, bike or on foot.

Verena’s subsidized treatment rates are reflecting the lack of availability of extended medical coverage for her treatment given her current status as an Osteopathic Student. Verena is fully covered by professional and liability insurance for the treatments she provides. If you have a personal spending account in your benefits package, Verena can provide receipts as an Exercise Physiologist which can be used to write off in your taxes also.
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