Easing Fears around CoVid 19

Greetings! As if you didn't have enough to get anxious, depressed or triggered around, here comes the Pandemic! No worries. My experience working with people with AIDS has made me comfortable with Universal Precautions, and here are some additional implementations: I'm suspending my 24 hour cancellation policy, so if you decide at the last minute that your shortness of breath etc may be a symptom of CoVid 19, feel free to call and cancel; no fee will be charged. Online sessions via Zoom or Skype are also an option, easily set up. Alas, I won't be offering you water or tea, so for the meantime, bring your own (many of you already do). Any contact work will be accompanied by my washing hands immediately before and after. We'll be safe, the panic will end, and we'll carry on! Peace.
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