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New Patient Teeth Whitening -includes consult: $199-$299 (30-60 min whitening) *24 hr cancellation policy*
90 minutes

Consult + teeth whitening. At appointment we will decide together what length of whitening that is most suitable for you. Price of whitening depends on length chosen.

Returning Patient Teeth Whitening $100-$199 (15-30 min whitening) *24 hr cancellation*
60 minutes

Please note- this is for a 15-30 min teeth whitening, if you would like a longer teeth whitening please select 'New Patient Teeth Whitening'.

Tooth Jewel Application *24hr Cancellation Policy*
59 minutes

Swarovski crystal is placed on the tooth of your choice for an additional sparkle

Dental Hygiene Cleaning $150-$250 *24hr Cancellation Policy*
90 minutes

The cost of a cleaning is dependant on the time, for a standard 1 hour cleaning with a polish and fluoride it is about $200

New Patient Dental Cleaning & Discount Whitening- includes consult: $300-$400 (30-60 min whitening) *24 hour Cancellation Policy*
150 minutes

This will include a consult prior to your whitening. We will decide during your consult the length of whitening that is most suitable for you.

Returning Patient Cleaning & Discount Whitening $275-$350 (15-30 min whitening) *24 hour cancellation policy*
120 minutes

Please note if you are a returning client and would like longer than a 30 min whitening, please select 'New Patient Cleaning & Whitening'