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Brooke Hulke RMT

Brooke’s favourite quote from a client is “Do I get a t-shirt that says I survived the Hulk?” Brooke swears that she isn’t a bully and that the pain is all for the greater good; your recovery. She has focused her studies on the fascial system, which means that she has a global approach to her treatments. It’s not uncommon to have her working on your hip when the pain is in your knee. Brooke is a runner so she understands all the hard work that goes into training for an event. She will always try to work within your training cycle to achieve the best results.
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I'd describe my appointment as...amazing.. both to reduce stress and to get rid of the awful body pain I had from my muscles being so tight.

I'd describe my appointment as... freaking amazing!!! I have spent years going for massage therapy. Brooke has the strongest, yet most gentle fingers. She got to the meat of the issues (my ropy back, tight pecs, uneven hips) and massaged until I felt release. I am so happy I have found her. I am going back and am recommending her to anyone who values their health.

I've been to several RMTs in the city, with varying results, but stopped searching after my first session with Brooke. She helped alleviate my chronic back pains, allowing me to work free from aches and stiffness. She's an amazing massage therapist. I can't highly recommend her enough.

I'd describe my appointment as... wow. Amazing deep tissue massage... this girl is strong. The kind that let's you know why you needed a massage even more than you thought you wanted one.

Worker of miracles! I normally self-heal reasonably quickly but this back injury just seem to last. Felt an immediate improvement after just the first session; and two more sessions fixed what was previously a tenacious injury. Highly recommended.

I'd describe my appointment as...Restorative! Brooke's attention to detail makes the difference. I always have the sense of counting. When Brooke isn't available, all of the staff at Rebound are at the same high standard. Thank you Brooke and the whole team!