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Dr. Katherine P.S. Chung, ND #0856

Dr. Chung completed her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and Bachelor of Art in Cultural and Spiritual Psychology at the University of Calgary. She trained as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and is certified in intravenous therapy, acupuncture, and holds pharmaceutical prescription rights in the province of British Columbia. She is currently completing her Clinical Residency at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.
Her story:

Dr. Chung has always wanted to be a physician – to be in service, to connect with people, and to accompany them on their healing journey; this is a common story for many physicians. So what is so unique about her story?

Her love for naturopathic medicine began when she was younger. Spending time in the kitchen with her mom and learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine – the different herbs and spices, and healing with food. It was here that she realized the importance of not only food and botanicals, but also of connection and close relationships to health and healing. At the age of 17, she pursued her science degree but quickly became dissatisfied with all that she was learning. There seemed to be something missing: cultural and spiritual psychology – it was here that she found the missing piece, the piece that would complete, propel, and inspire her future practice. However, this wasn’t the end of inspiration that life had to offer her.

Based on personal experiences, she became interested in anxiety and depression, motivating her to dive head first into researching the holistic treatment approaches to these multi-factorial conditions. It is through all these experiences that she plans on integrating food, spirituality, and mindfulness into her practice, though she strives to maintain a general practice.
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