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Suzanne Williams, RAc #101232

Suzanne Williams, BA, APMCP, MBA, R.Ac, is a Registered Acupuncturist and certified Tui Na practitioner. Her scope of practice also extends to other manual therapies such as cupping, gua sha and moxibustion. She is a graduate of ICTCMV and a student in Langara College’s first cohort of the Balance System of Acupuncture Certificate Program. As a proponent of lifelong learning, Suzanne is committed to keeping pace with evidence-based research on acupuncture, while respecting the philosophical heritage of TCM and its founding doctors.

In her youth, Suzanne was drawn to healing professions, yet her passion for languages, culture and travel led her over 12 years of study and work in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. While living there, she was exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine formally, as a patient receiving Tui Na, cupping and Acupuncture, and informally as a recipient of OTC herbal at-home remedies. Suzanne ultimately cultivated a career in research and consulting in China and Canada, and finds that her ability to solve problems for businesses in need of “therapy” translates well into healthcare. The holistic approach of TCM suits her love of thorough investigation, communication and resolution of health issues.

Suzanne approaches her TCM practice as a partnership and works with patients to develop lifestyle habits that support long term health and prevention of disease or injuries. This, in tandem with the appropriate “dosage” of acupuncture treatments, are at the centre of optimal health and healing.

Suzanne studied external martial arts while living in Asia, and has long since been a student of Qi Gong, Tai Ji and other internal martial arts. She is fluent in English and Mandarin. Suzanne now spends much of her time volunteering with community organizations, and can often be found enjoying Vancouver’s water in all its forms, whether racing dragon boats in False Creek, or teaching adaptive skiing on the North Shore mountains.
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