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Jillian Truscott, R.Ac. - Registered Acupuncturist
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Jillian Truscott, R.Ac. - Registered Acupuncturist Red Tree Wellness Inc.
550 West Broadway, Suite 743
Neelu Bachra Centre
Jill Truscott is a Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia, and graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC.

She believes that healing takes place on many levels - physical, emotional, and mental - and also through the compassionate connection between a patient and their therapist. It is in this connection that Jill has formed a trusting relationship with her patients. She strives to educate her patients in the mechanisms of acupuncture in both an eastern and western medical perspective, so that the effectiveness of acupuncture can be more clearly understood. Her scope of acupuncture treatments covers all ailments and conditions, with a focus on musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, insomnia, and digestive issues.


Jill has incorporated acupuncture and eastern medicine into her own health and lifestyle for the past decade, which led her to study this intriguing medicine. When she was 14 years old, she suffered from chronic migraines, which were so severe that she had to continue much of her high school studies from home. She was referred to a neurologist, and tried many different medications, however nothing offered long term relief of her symptoms. This is when a doctor at her mother’s work suggested acupuncture, as nothing else had seemed to work for her. Jill’s first appointment with an acupuncturist led to a lifelong relationship of trust and gratitude, with her practitioner eventually also acting as a mentor in her own pursuit of TCM studies. It was the first time that she felt that someone was trying to find the root of her migraines, finally giving her hope that she would truly find relief of her symptoms. After weekly sessions for two months, Jill was migraine free, and continues to be to this day. For years after, she referred other people to acupuncture, and continued to hear all of the amazing healing benefits people were having.

After graduating high school, she decided to take time off to travel. Throughout spending two years traveling back and forth to Asia, she fell in love with their traditions and philosophies - the harmony between people and nature, the balance of mind, body, and spirit, and the holistic approach to life and our own health. Upon returning home from her extensive travels, which also took her to Europe, Africa, and South America, she studied Humanities and Development Studies for four years at the University of Calgary. In 2012, her passion for wellness and health led her to Vancouver to complete her studies as a Registered Acupuncturist.

She is grateful to have found her path in acupuncture, and to be able to educate and offer others a medicine which allows us to achieve internal balance and heal ourselves through natural means. Through Jill's holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare and lifestyle, she hopes to help guide you to achieve your greatest level of health.


  • Initial Consult and Acupuncture Treatment
    Initial Consult and Acupuncture Treatment
    75 to 90 min First visit consultation and assessment, with acupuncture, for NEW patients New patients to the clinic are encouraged to arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled appointment to complete the intake form. Note: Requires a 100 minute time block opening. If the session takes less only 75 minutes, the rate will be $120.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine theorizes that there are approximately 365 acupuncture points on the human body that connects with 12 main and 8 secondary pathways, called meridians. These meridians create an energy flow and conduct energy or Qi (pronounced “chee”) between the surface of the body and internal organs, and is responsible for overall health. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves puncturing the skin with hair-thin needles (filiform) at particular locations, called acupuncture points, to enhance the flow of Qi. Acupuncture is used to balance and keep the normal flow of energy unblocked, and restore health to the body and mind. When you are healthy, Qi flows smoothly and the body is balanced.

    Does It Hurt?
    The acupuncture needles are so thin that 10 to 15 acupuncture needles can be placed in one hypodermic (injection) needle. The sensation that is expected from acupuncture is not painful (i.e. not what you would expect from a needle). The sensation is called “De Qi” and it can include numbness, aching, tingling, warmth, distension, heaviness, or lightness. The sensation can be local or it may radiate. Many people find acupuncture is actually very relaxing and often fall asleep.

    How Safe Is Acupuncture?
    Acupuncture is very safe. In Vancouver and British Columbia, all acupuncturists must be licensed and are required to complete an acupuncture safety course, which includes clean needle technique (including disposable sterile needles) and acupoint safety. As with any medical treatment, there may be risks involved for the individual and it is important to discuss these with your practitioner.

    Is Acupuncture Covered By Medical Insurance?
    Many extended health insurance plans in Vancouver and British Columbia do cover up to $500 of acupuncture each year. Check with your health insurance provider for details. In BC, MSP will cover a portion of your visit for qualifying individuals. Inquire with your practitioner for more details on the requirements.

  • Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment
    Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment
    50 min Follow-up visit for current/returning patients

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment - No Acupuncture
    Initial Consultation and Assessment - No Acupuncture
    45 min First visit and consultation and assessment only, no acupuncture, for NEW patients New patients to the clinic are encouraged to arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled appointment to complete the intake form. Note: Requires a 60 minute time block opening.