Jackie Pubantz


Jackie has been apart of the holistic field since 2007.She started her career taking the certified reflexologist course .. she was interested in how the body organs could be reflected and treated through the feet, hands and face.  This sparked her interest to learn more on how to heal the body and to help others achieve their path to wellness. Jackie then took a Traditional Ancient Thai Massage course learning that you can reset the body through assisted gentle yoga stretches and different techniques that include  stimulation  to meridian points that open the meridians to let energy (Qi) flow through the pathways and other compression techniques to activate the release and reset of muscle tension.

Jackie had practiced these two different treatments in between working as an assistant for doctors and chiropractors.

In that time Jackie took the 2200 Hr certified Massage therapist course at  M H Vicars which concentrated on theraputic,trigger points and relaxation this help fuse together all of her knowledge of the different modalities to offers treatments that suit each clients individual purpose of wellness .Accupressure, meridian massage and cupping are also part of the modalities that Jackie specializes in to incorporate in treatments.

Jackie is a member of good standing with NHPC.

Today Jackie is the owner of a Sole Purpose Wellness that is located upstairs in  Advance Physiotherapy & Hand Clinic. She felt that the name truly reflected her passion.

Jackie feels blessed to work with such amazing therapist that devote themselves to help their clients rehabilitation and recovery.

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Jackie was very professional. The massage was just the right pressure. I felt well taken care of .

Jackie really cares about how I’m feeling. She listens to my concerns and then uses that in her treatments. I always leave feeling relaxed and confident that any pain or issues I had are solved.

The staff at Sole Purpose Wellness are awesome. They are very knowledgeable and work to ensure you receive the best treatment that puts you on path to excellent wellness. Highly recommend this place.

I was in a bad accident over a year ago. I could not stand up straight, I was in severe pain all day long. I went to Jackie and she started helping with all my nerve damage. She settled that down then started positioning my joints and bones properly. I am able to stand up straight, stay off all pain medication. I am so blessed to have found Jackie. I know go for maintenance appointments Thank you so much for giving my life back.

Best massage ever! Thanks Jackie!

Jackie is the best massge therapist.