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Cary Newman Szeps, RMT (R1)

Cary Newman Szeps believes in finding balance in all aspects of life and wants to help you on your journey to discover the body’s innate ability to heal, move, overcome and release. This is a life long journey and no matter where you are on your path, Cary would love to help you take your next step.

Cary was born into a family dedicated to Holistic Healthcare and developing a well rounded life. Throughout his early life, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, holistic Dentists and Doctors of TCM were sought to help maintain balance in all aspects of life. This path of health and wellness was complemented by paying attention to food choices, exercise, connection and mindset.

As he approached adulthood he drifted into the allopathic sciences, attending University for Health Sciences with a concentration in Exercise Science. Throughout his studies Cary always felt there was something missing in the purely academic sciences and only after taking an elective in Holistic Healthcare did he rediscover the missing link buried in his roots.
After years of academia, Cary turned his focus to exploring and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains around Field, B.C. Pursuing his passions of snowboarding, rock climbing and backpacking, his journey then brought him to Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, B.C.
Cary has explored a variety of techniques to develop his unique massage style, using his thorough understanding and respect of human anatomy and physiology combined with intuitive massage techniques. This combination encourages the mind body connection, facilitating your body’s recognition of its ever-changing state of equilibrium. This unique style incorporates indirect Myofascial techniques and listening to the subtle rhythms of the body to invite the rebalancing of movement and body position and to release tension that can cause musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.
Cary is dedicated to your health and wellness and continues to study and learn more.
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