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Gilly Thomas, SATT (R2)
Gilly has spent the majority of her life learning and Working With Wellness(https://www.workingwithwellness.ca) a bodymind approach to healing. She works holistically, using a combination of a listening touch and talk which integrate the physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of healing. The body knows the truth and when there is congruence between the mind and body, tensions can melt away and different choices can be made with clarity and awareness.
During an in-person session, you are in a quiet, private setting. You remain fully clothed on a massage table, a chair, standing or moving. What you experience from your own session is highly individual. The sessions are deeply insightful and full of discovery. Physical and emotional patterns which have felt dysfunctional can shift. Changes happen at a cellular level and with awareness so that you can have choice about what true comfort is in your life.
Gilly’s education is varied, the 1980’s were spent at the University of Calgary in Nursing, Psychology and Education. Leaving the traditional world of academia, she travelled to New York, and in 2000 was certified in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. Since then, she has studied in Canada and the US in: CranioSacral Upledger, Psycho Drama classes and most recently, is a student of Ortho-Bionomy. She has developed and taught a number of workshops in North America, which reflect the way that awareness and wellness can be integrated into all aspects of life.
~ Tools for Healing Trauma
~ Bodymind Golf
~ Shadow Work
~ Evolution Ergonomics
~ Enrich Your Life
~ The Chakras

In addition to her education and years of working in bodymind therapies, Gilly’s experience as the first woman White Water raft guide in Canada gave her the confidence to guide people to enjoy the calm waters and wild waves that are the river of life. In 2008, she co-founded: UR Building Knowledge, (https://urbuildingknowledge.com) a not-for-profit that raises money to help build schools and medical clinics in Myanmar.
Curiosity and creativity have fueled Gilly’s interest in learning and teaching about the enigma that is humanity. Her 20 + years of working with people provide a solid foundation from which to work with individuals and to create a new training program: Somatic Affective Talk and Touch(https://satt.ca/about/) offered at Tidal Elements.
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60 Min Somatic Affective Talk & Touch (SATT) - 60 minutes
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90 Min Somatic Affective Talk & Touch (SATT) - 90 minutes