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Delphine is a caring and dedicated Acupuncturist who believes that the best healing takes place when her patients are comfortable and feel safe. She always does her best to provide the most effective treatment with the maximum amount of comfort.
Book Now Initital Acupuncture Assessment and Treatment - 90 minutes
Book Now 80min Follow up Treatment - 90 minutes
Book Now 45 - 50min Follow up Treatment - 60 minutes
Book Now 30min Serenity Now "tune up" - 30 minutes
Both a Registered Acupuncturist and a TCM Herbalist, Sally's treatments are holistic and address mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing. Book in for a treatment that is gentle, effective, and highly personalized to your current state of health.
Book Now Initial Consultation - Acupuncture (includes 45 minute treatment) - 90 minutes
Book Now Follow-up - Acupuncture (includes 45 minute treatment) - 60 minutes
Book Now Initial Consultation - Herbal Medicine - 30 minutes
Book Now Cupping - 30 minutes
Book Now Extended Follow-up - Acupuncture (includes 80 minute treatment) - 90 minutes
Book Now Follow-up - Herbal Medicine - 30 minutes