Body: Healthy is maintaining the previously mandated, now recommended contagious disease policies for medical offices. Thank-you for keeping your therapist and other patients healthy by following these requirements to attend the clinic.
~All patients are required to wear medical three-layer masks throughout their treatment (basic/surgical) or better (ie not fabric) and will be provided with one if necessary
~PLEASE POSTPONE YOUR APPOINTMENT: if you are experiencing a new onset of symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the flu, a common cold, a stomach virus or any other symptoms that could be from a contagious disease or have been in close contact with someone who is sick or who has tested positive for COVID-19.
~PLEASE ALLOW FOR 10 DAYS AFTER END OF SYMPTOMS to attend an appointment.
~Patients are asked to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic
~Patients are asked to enter the waiting room no earlier than 5 minutes prior to treatment
~Please also note that the clinic is a scent-free zone; please refrain from wearing scented body products. Accessibility Notice: this location has one flight of STAIRS; no elevator is available.