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Dr. Gabrielle Steinberg - Dr.TCM, R.Ac

Over 20 years experience working with adults and children to improve health and well-being. Blending many techniques to offer Healthcare as Unique as You!

Conditions treated:
Injury and pain recovery
Digestive and GI tract issues
Immune system enhancement
Pregnancy and postpartum
Infertility and gynecological issues
Pediatrics (babies to teenagers)
Anxiety and stress management

Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Craniosacral therapy, Cupping, Breathwork.

Services En Francais or in English.
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Book Now Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine (children only) - 30 min
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Gabrielle is fantastic!

Gabrielle's sessions are so much more than acupuncture because her healing touch puts me into a deeply relaxing and meditative state. Sometimes I just want to relax, other times her approach has been incredibly successful at alleviating my TMJ pain from jaw clenching at night.

Gabrielle listens well and each treatment is catered to personal needs. I always feel better after the sessions, and the sense of well-being lingers.

Dr. Gabrielle Steinberg is wonderful, intuitive and very skilled in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage. She quickly determined the issues I was dealing with and provided treatment, prescriptions and solutions that were and are effective in resolving those challenges. I highly recommend her for specific challenges and equally so for ongoing health support. Ken Gijssen

As always a very personal satisfying treatment. It makes my day, it makes my week. Highly recommend.