Return to practice plan

With the first phase of a COVID re-entry plan that involves the reopening of therapeutic massage and acupuncture practice in action, I plan to reopen on May 19, 2020. From now on, I will start accepting appointments booked by email or phone call or message. Also, the online booking system will open soon; please use the online screening tool BEFORE you book your appointment,
Due to COVID-19, I am temporarily limiting the number of daily appointments; walk-in appointments will not be accepted and patients who are not currently receiving a service will be asked to step out in order to control the number of people within the clinic. Also, all patients will be contacted prior to their appointment for prescreening. I have modified my cancellation policy; if you are feeling unwell for any reason, it may be best to reschedule the appointment. For the time being, my current cancellation fee will be waived in the event that you are ill.

Thank you for your patience,

Ling Zhao




I'd describe my appointment as…FIRST RATE !!. I rarely use absolute words like "BEST" or "NEVER or ALWAYS". I 1prefer to use relative descriptive words like "BETTER or SELDOM or FREQUENTLY". With Ling Zhao I find myself breaking from my usual habits. After two visits a depression that had been biting at me all winter (I call it 'The Black Dog'). has gone away. I am open minded. I also use conventional treatment from a Registered Psychiatrist. The anti-depressant drugs he prescribed helped me greatly, but the Black Dog still kept biting at my heels. I found that I was seldom happy. Ling's masterly application of acupuncture and massage changed my life. I am no longer depressed!! I often find myself smiling. More often than not I am happy. I have not been like that for many years. What joy!. Thank You Ling. For me, You are the BEST. As long as you are available I will NEVER use another Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. When ever anyone might ask me to refer to them a good TCM specialist I will "ALWAYS" name you. I am so glad you chose to come to Canada. I love my Country with a passion that I find hard to describe and I am absolutely sure that Canada is fortunate that you came here to live and work. Thank you for helping make the land I love a better place!