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Body Balance Therapy wishes notify our clientele that we are doing all things possible to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus. We have always taken pride in our stringent hygiene practices but we wish to reassure clients and staff that extra measures and precautions will also be taken to provide a safe place for the continuation of uninterrupted client treatment regimens. The protection of both staff and clients has always been our highest priority.

Please know that Body Balance is following the official sanitization procedures recommended by Health Care Services. Our focus will be on sanitisation, making sure that clients and staff take their temperatures before entering our premises and asking staff/clients regarding whether they have been out of the country (including the U.S.).


15 hrs ·

COVID-19 Update
March 17, 2020
8:00 PM

Dear Members,

Today we are faced with a health pandemic that none of us have ever experienced. Understandably it is causing fear and confusion.

As of March 17th, the Prime Minister has recommended “people stay home”, Calgary has declared a state of emergency and the province of Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency. We are being advised by our governments and our medical professionals to enact social distancing and stay a minimum of two meters away from others whenever possible.

The MTAA has consistently stated that we will follow the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and the recommendations of Alberta Health Services. Today, with the Alberta government declaring a state of public health emergency and the increasing recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health to practice social distancing, the MTAA is strongly recommending our members take the following action:

Immediately cease all massage therapy services until at least March 30th, 2020.

Massage Therapy is not an essential front-line medical service. Although it is an incredibly effective and beneficial healthcare service, the risks of potentially contracting or transmitting COVID-19 generally outweigh the benefits of massage therapy treatment.

The MTAA acknowledges that the decision to shut down your practice is incredibly difficult. There are personal, financial and ethical considerations, and many of you will face significant financial hardship as a result. This recommendation was not a decision we made lightly. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association have all recommended that their clinicians suspend their practices immediately.

Nationally, it has become clear that it is time to take extreme measures to help flatten the curve of this virus. We need to help our first-line healthcare providers save the lives of Canadian’s. We can do this by suspending our practices, applying social distancing in our lives, and stopping the spread of COVID-19. We know our members want to do what is right, even if it the hard choice, and it is clear the right choice today is to suspend all massage therapy activities.

The MTAA is continuing to watch and speak with our government partners in hopes that there will be financial assistance to all members who suspend their practice, whether they are independent contractors, clinic owners or employees. We will continue to update you with any new developments as soon as we receive them.

Together we can support each other, persevere through this incredibly difficult time, and continue to help all Canadians maximize their health.


Cancellation Policy

Online appointment cancellations not permitted with less than 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice you must call in person 780-455-1764 and you can leave a message. Do Not cancel by email to ensure a timely notice. Failure to show up at your scheduled time or late notice will result in full payment of the missed appointment.


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