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Our award-winning team of massage therapists strongly believes that every person who walks through our door is a unique individual.

Every body has a different story to tell. This is why you won’t find a “recipe” treatment here. Your therapist will do a thorough movement assessment so we can tailor a specific treatment just to you.

You will receive home care that will include stretches, strengthening or hydrotherapy. In some cases, it will be a combination of the three.



Kat is an excellent and knowledgeable RMT who sets a very cosy, gentle and comfortable atmosphere while her skills as a therapist seem to me to be very diverse she was able to accommodate all manner of styles and pressures that I requested of her. Great also is her explanation of the muscle system and how and why your back may have the issues it has. Great all around experience and very recommended.


Always amazing!


Rebekka was great! She made me feel comfortable from the minute that I walked in and explained everything in great detail. Looking forward to my second session.


Sami is awesome. Very welcoming and genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. She seems to know which muscles are causing you problems based on your explanation and exactly how to get to them. Some muscles are very small and beneath other larger muscles but she can even get those ones too.

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