Jamie Cawston (R2)

Jamie is a certified Spa Therapist completing her training in 2014 from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. Since then she has gained experience and added to her training at various spas throughout B.C, developing her techniques in Deep Tissue Massage and spa treatments. She is also certified in Hot Stone massage and Reflexology, offering Indian Head massage sessions and Relaxation facials as well.

Jamie practices Deep Flow Massage level 1, an innovative and alignment-based approach that allows her to connect and weave together a wide range of modalities. Each session is specifically designed for the client on the table from gentle relaxation to a more deep tissue approach.

Jamie also offers reflexology which is a fantastic alternative for those who do not like full body massage. Reflexology is used to calm the nervous system and can help gently stimulate the organs and endocrine system. Indian Head massage (IHM) originated in India. This style of Ayurvedic head massage promotes rejuvenation and relaxation of the whole being with an emphasis on scalp scalp and hair health. IHM helps to calm the nervous system addressing shoulder and neck tension as well. The practice can help relieve insomnia, headaches, eye strain and muscular tension while bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the brain through increased circulation. Jamie uses IHM techniques during her relaxation facials to help encourage nourishment to the surface of the skin.

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