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Tidal Elements is a unique holistic Healing Arts Studio specializing in Registered Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Sessions, Healing Bodywork, Energy & Metaphysical Sessions, Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis, SATT, and Clinical Counselling.
We have a wide variety of classes and workshops, including: Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Bowls, Sound & Dance Workshops, Biodynamic Craniosacral Training's, Manual Osteopathic College of Canada, and much more.

> If you are sick, you may cancel online up to 48 hours before your appointment begins. After that, please call the clinic at (250) 306-9283 to cancel. We will be happy to help you find a new date and time to reschedule, if requested. If less than 24 hours has been given, your Practitioner will let you know if a cancellation fee will apply.

> Our clinic standards have always been to keep our space pristinely clean. We are continuing to use isopropyl alcohol as our cleaning agent, and continue to increase the frequency in which we clean all surfaces touched by guests and practitioners.

Payments: Please be advised that each Practitioner accepts their own payments after the session is complete. To find out which method of payment your practitioner is receiving, feel free to give the clinic a call at (250) 306-9283.

Parking: We have 5 parking spots reserved for Tidal Elements customers. If those parking spaces are full, please park on the street, or in the parkade on 31 Ave (one block East of Tidal Elements).

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This was my third session with Ross and i was as impressed this time as i was with the first two massages. He is excellnet - listens closely and then provides a really deep and effective massage. I will be back for certain - in fact, i have already booked my next session.


Always excellent service and a wonderful float!


I’ve worked with many counselling professionals over the years, but never anyone quite like Sara! This woman is a gift from God and had helped me and my family through some very traumatic life challenges. So grateful for her knowledge and experience.


I was very pleased after my massage with Ross Freeman-Marsh. I communicated to him exactly what I wanted worked on and he did just that. He also used the perfect amount of pressure. I look forward to my next appointment with him.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a gap in the day that could have been filled by another patient in need. If you are sick, you may cancel online up to 48 hours before your appointment begins. After that, please call the clinic at (250) 306-9283 to cancel. We will be happy to help you find a new date and time to reschedule, if requested. If less than 24 hours has been given, your Practitioner will let you know if a cancellation fee will apply. Thank you!

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3410 31 Avenue
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250-306-9283 (WAVE)
Brooklyn Fuhriman (R1) RMT
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45 min. Registered Massage Therapy with Brooklyn Fuhriman - 45 minutes
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60 min. Registered Massage Therapy with Brooklyn Fuhriman - 60 minutes
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75 min. Registered Massage Therapy with Brooklyn Fuhriman - 75 minutes

Agnes Hombach, RCST® (R4)
Agnes Hombach is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and certified Shiatsu therapist.

Her career in healthcare started in 1985 as an emergency paramedic for the BC Ambulance Service. Experiences in this field sparked her interest to pursue more holistically oriented healthcare studies.

In 2003 she completed her training as a certified Shiatsu therapist; and in 2008 graduated as a certified craniosacral therapist, both through Langara College in Vancouver.

Agnes was introduced to the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy during her studies, and completed the foundation training in March 2012 with Bodyintelligence in Vancouver.

After practicing in Vancouver and Vernon, Agnes enrolled in the Somatic Experience Professional training program to deepen her understanding of trauma and its effects on the nervous system. She completed her training in March 2015.

After attending the ‘Mothers, Babies and Children’ craniosacral post-grad seminar in June 2016, Agnes has extended her practice to include working with moms and babies.

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60 min Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Agnes Hombach
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60 min. PRENATAL Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - 60 minutes
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60 min. POSTNATAL Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - 60 minutes
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60 min Shiatsu Massage

First Year Craniosacral Student

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Jen de Bourcier, (R2) Student Craniosacral Therapist
Jen de Bourcier grew up on a family farm in the Nicola Valley. After living on Vancouver Island for 10 nourishing seaside years, she and her husband made the North Okanagan their home in 2005. She still revels in the distinct qualities of each of the four seasons the Vernon area provides.
After many years of raising a family and working for a wonderful non-profit organization in the realm of community development, event coordination and parent education, Jen has initiated a new professional direction. In 2015 she discovered a potent modality that supported her development of nervous system regulation and the ensuing exploration towards health, vitality and joy. Out of that experience she has been led to her current training as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and a Professional Counsellor. Jen is very pleased to offer student practice sessions at Tidal Elements as she works towards her certification. Movement towards health and regulation have been a longstanding priority in her own life, which has offered her
many challenging and rich opportunities.
Jen tends a large garden where she grows dahlias, other cut flowers, fruit and vegetables. Her garden is a source of delight. She also finds immense joy, fun, connection and support amongst a long standing singing group with her close friends. Jen enjoys practicing the Way of Council, reading, learning, fiber art, swimming, painting, being in nature, caring for animals, and raising their three teenage children alongside her husband of 21 years.
Jen is on a lifelong journey to discover how to move towards a balanced life which includes physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, social, relational, and creative wellness and regulation.
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45 min. 2nd year student Craniosacral session with Jen de Bourcier - 45 minutes

Julie Roberts (R4) Manual Osteopathic Therapist, DOMP
Julie Roberts is an intuitive healer dedicated to helping people feel better and experience more ease and flow, inside and out. Since the early 2000s she has been drawn to holistic health, nutrition and yogic practices for her own personal development and healing. Julie is trained in a variety of services/modalities including massage therapy, myo-fascial release, trigger point release, hot stone massage, yoga and yoga therapy, Ayurvedic dosha specific massage, Northern Thai yoga massage and Jap-Sen (“nerve touch”) Thai massage, Reiki, colon hydrotherapy, Access Consciousness, EFT and ecstatic dance.

In 2007 she graduated from the massage therapy program at Mount Royal College in Calgary and shortly thereafter dove into studying Ayurveda and completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since moving to the Okanagan in 2008 Julie has taught several styles of yoga, worked in healing clinics and spas, and taken numerous courses and training. Her style of bodywork integrates techniques/modalities to customize treatments. She is passionate about facilitating deep healing and always expanding knowledge through personal and professional development.

Julie finds space and freedom in dance and is an aerialist, flow artist/fire dancing performer. Inspired by all of the elements in nature and the magnificent BC landscape, she can be found on a beach soaking up the sun or skiing on the mountains enjoying all the Okanagan has to offer.
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75 Min Hot Stone Massage with Julie Roberts
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60 Min Deep Tissue Holistic Massage - 60 minutes
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60 Min Thai Yoga Massage with Julie Roberts - 60 minutes
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60 min initial/follow up Manual Osteopathic Therapy - 60 minutes
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45 Min. Follow up Manual Osteopathic Therapy - 45 minutes
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30 Min. Follow up Manual Osteopathic Therapy - 30 minutes

Kjara Brecknell, DOMP (R1) Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Osteopath
Kjara is excited to be joining the growing Tidal Team and is looking forward to expanding her practice in Vernon. As a current member of Osteopathy-BC her work is covered under many extended health plans that recognize Osteopathy.

Kjara began her career in health and wellness instructing in the fitness industry beginning in 1993. Then in 2002, some personal health concerns led her to begin studying Craniosacral Therapy. She was astonished at the results and developed a great passion for the concepts and for the work itself. Upon learning that Craniosacral Therapy was only a part of Osteopathic Medicine, she immediately enrolled in the BC School of Osteopathy-Vancouver and graduated 5 years later in 2009. All the while maintaining a Craniosacral practice in her home town of Salmon Arm. She presented her thesis in Montreal in 2011 and has since gone on to do some teaching in the field as well as for Equine Osteopathy. Kjara has post grad training in pediatric osteopathy and enjoys the opportunity to work with pregnant moms and infants as well as children of any age.

Kjara also enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, biking, x-country skiing and trail riding with her horses. She also teaches Equine Assisted Learning programs.

Lana Blain, RMT (R3)
Lana grew up in the mountains of Exshaw, Alberta. After having and raising a
family in Red Deer, AB, she moved to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC in 2001. Shortly
thereafter in 2005 she successfully operated a Spa business for 10 years offering
massage, reflexology, facials, pedicures and manicures to her many loyal clients.
Lana became an empty nester in 2015, where she took a hiatus to relax and
reflect on life’s next steps. After much soul searching; Lana made the decision to
become an RMT.
She completed the RMT program at the KCCIHS in Nelson, BC in December 2021
and passed her provincial board exams in March 2022.
Lana enjoys meditation, yoga, making healthy food, hiking, nature and spending
time with her much loved family and grandchildren. She has training in
CranioSacral Therapy and includes all aspects of our emotional and mental
well being including mind, body and spirit in her practice. She brings a nurturing,
healing, and intuitive energy to her work. Her kind, compassionate nature creates
a calm, safe and healing space.
Contact Lana at 250-688-0127 to book a session, or (email). She is available
Tuesdays & Thursdays and one Saturday per month.
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60 Minute Session with Lana Blain, RMT
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60 Min Prenatal or Postnatal Massage with Lana Blain - 60 minutes
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60 Min Reflexology with Lana Blain - 60 minutes

Lisa Coleman (R3)
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45 Min Reflexology with Lisa Coleman - 45 minutes
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75 Min Hot Stone Massage with Lisa Coleman - 75 minutes
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60 Min Reflexology with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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60 Min. Intuitive Massage with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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60 Min Ayurvedic Massage with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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60 Min Therapeutic Fire Cupping with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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60 Min Holistic Deep Tissue Massage with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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90 Min. Intuative Massage with Lisa Colemain - 90 minutes
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90 Min Holistic Deep Tissue Massage with Lisa Coleman - 90 minutes
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60 Min Raindrop Therapy with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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60 Min Shiatsu with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes
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90 Min Shiatsu with Lisa Coleman - 90 minutes
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60 Min Reiki with Lisa Coleman - 60 minutes

Naomi Sturtridge BHSc (R8) Counselling
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60 Min Counselling/Somatic Therapy with Naomi Sturtridge BHSc - 60 minutes
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90 Min Counselling/Somatic Therapy with Naomi Sturtridge BHSc - 90 minutes

Ross Freeman-Marsh, RMT (R6)
Ross Freeman-Marsh is a Registered Massage Therapist and a graduate of OVCMT's massage therapy diploma program.

Ross was drawn to massage therapy after an RMT helped him recover from a lumbar spine injury. He has gained experience working in spas and offering mobile massage prior to becoming registered.

Ross incorporates modalities such as swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, joint mobilizations and trigger point therapy into his practice. His preferred area of practice is treatment of pain and postural distortions caused by regular day-to-day life. Treatments aim to address the discomfort and also the continual postures/activities that cause it.

Outside of the clinic, Ross enjoys exercise and tabletop games.
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60 Minute Session with Ross Freeman-Marsh, RMT
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60 Min Prenatal or Postnatal Massage with Ross Freeman-Marsh - 60 minutes

Sara Magner, B.S., M.Ed., RCC (R5)
Sara Magner is a child and family counsellor, serving as a guide, mentor, and support for families facing struggles within their family system. This may be anything ranging from: struggles parenting behavioral children (ages 5-17), or managing anxiety, depression, or other trauma. She utilizes a style that differs from traditional approaches to facilitate lasting and internal changes in the youth and the family system. She uses a combined approach of Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help clients. With combined experience in residential treatment facilities, behavioral analysis, trauma work, and clinical counseling, she is able to reach even the most challenging at-risk youth and struggling families. Sara has a double-major in Psychology and Family Child Sciences from Florida State University and a Masters of Education in Counseling (M.Ed.) from Sul Ross State University. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma-focused therapy and uses this modality when it fits the need for the client. She has been helping families with crisis intervention since 2012. She has helped families transition into and out of and while attending residential treatment facilities, adjust to hard life situations in the home (e.g., new school, job, social group), assisted youth with drug/alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, helped oppositional youth and compliance in the home, self-esteem issues, communication difficulties, and more. There is no limit to how counselling can help your family.

On a more personable note: Sara is originally from Miami, Florida, has lived in a variety of states in the United States and is a new comer to the Okanagan Valley (2021). She enjoys time with her family, being outdoors (hiking, kayaking, camping), and opportunities to practice self-care.
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60 Min Individual Counselling Session Sara Magner - 60 minutes
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60 Min EMDR Session Sara Magner - 60 minutes
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60 Min Family/Child Counselling Session Sara Magner

Sara Wilson, RMT (R7) Registered Massage Therapy
Self Care in today's world is not a luxury it’s a necessity. In order to be at our best, we must take care of our body, mind and spirit.

‍Before becoming an RMT Sara worked as a Primary Care Paramedic serving B.C. since 2005. She knows first-hand how the stress of life can build to a breaking point and create illness and dysfunction in the body. In order to serve our families and our community we must take care of ourselves emotionally and physically. Massage Therapy not only aids in the recovery from injury but can be a major player in injury and illness prevention.

Sara graduated from OVCMT in Vernon and continues to seek educational opportunities to upgrade her skill set. With her background as a Paramedic Sara has a deep understanding of injury and illness and is exceptional with orthopaedical manual therapies, nerve pain and pain management. If you have imaging or other diagnostic testing, please bring copies to your appointment.

Sara’s treatment style is deeply therapeutic and highly effective, while offering treatments that are often listed on a spa menu. Sara offers Hot and Cold Stone massage which allows your tissues to soften for deep therapeutic work, Hydrotherapy to aid in circulation, Deep Tissue treatments, Lymphatic Drainage, and Swedish Massage.

And now Sara is so excited to introduce therapeutic body scrubs, warm oil scalp treatments and Ocean or Glacial mud treatments to her offerings exclusively at Tidal Elements. Usually found in a spa, these treatments are paired with the knowledge and expertise of an RMT for maximum therapeutic benefits leaving you feeling thoroughly cared for. The best part is all of these treatments are therapeutic and performed by an RMT, so they are approved for direct billing to extended benefit plans.

Sara is very much looking forward to helping you reach your wellness goals.

Sacha Schenker (R3) Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT, TCTSY-F
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30 Min. Individual Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions: (TCTSY) - 30 minutes
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60 Min. Individual Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions: (TCTSY) - 60 minutes
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90 Min. Yoga Therapy with Sacha Schenker - 90 minutes

Stephanie Koenig, RMT (R1) Registered Massage Therapist
Stephanie Koenig is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from OVCMT in July 2022

Stephanie has been fortunate enough to live in Ontario, Alberta, and Vancouver during the various seasons of her life. She is currently growing her roots in Vernon and is happy to experience the beautiful scenery, gorgeous trails, and blossoming community here. After some soul searching, a bit of blood, sweat, and yes some tears, she has happily landed here at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio in Vernon BC.

At OVCMT she dove into learning as much as possible about anatomy, physiology, biology, neuroscience, neuroanatomy, fascia, biomechanics, movement, health, fitness, self-care, and so much more. She is very grateful for the education, knowledge, and wisdom she has been shown by so many talented and educated people.

She excels at applying either direct - deep tissue massage, or a more indirect - cautious approach. By using various tools and modalities such as Swedish massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, neuro-muscular techniques, deep diaphragmatic breathing, range of motion, pin-and-stretch techniques, and relaxation techniques, she and her clients are able to target their specific health goals. Stephanie appreciates the use of communication, pre and post-massage charting, assessment, biomechanics, and self-care education during each treatment.

Some common treatments can include:

Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, breathing dysfunction, headaches, migraines, neck-shoulder pain/dysfunction, nerve pain, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel, postural imbalances, scoliosis, rib pain/dysfunction, herniated discs and other spinal dysfunctions, sciatic nerve pain, muscle strains, tendon sprains, knee and ankle pain/dysfunction, and more.

Stephanie believes that it is important to understand the mechanics of how, and why our bodies do what they do. Our bodies attempt to communicate to us in a language that can be difficult to interpret and hear. Pain, movement, and dysfunction are parts of that language. As humans, we have similar anatomical blueprints that keep us grounded in science and understanding. Through life, we become individuals with unique bodies, personalities, and histories. No two people are the exact same. As such Stephanie believes each massage needs to be finely tuned to meet each person where they are, as they are.

In her spare time, Stephanie dabbles in gardening, art, meditation, breath-work, yoga, knitting, crochet, hiking, jogging, swimming, exploring, studying anatomy and health/medical science, and she participates in martial arts including MMA, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.

Stephanie wants to share her gratitude for the Earth and towards the traditional, and unceded territory of the Syilx / Okanagan people who have resided here since time immemorial. She wishes to recognize, honor, and respect the Syilx / Okanagan lands upon which she is able to live, work, and play.

She also prioritizes creating a welcoming and safe space for all pronouns, identities, body types, sizes, ages, allergens, scent/skin sensitivities, medical accommodations, mobility concerns, and is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. All are welcome.

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60 min Massage Therapy - Stephanie Koenig RMT
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75 min Massage Therapy - Stephanie Koenig RMT
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90 Min Massage Therapy - Stephanie Koenig RMT
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60 Min Prenatal or Postnatal Massage with Stephanie Koenig - 60 minutes
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2 Hour Massage Therapy - Stephanie Koenig RMT

Tessa Ridley, RMT (R2)

Tina Berlin (R4)
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60 Min Reiki with Tina Berlin - 60 minutes
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60 Min Vibrational Sound Therapy with Tina Berlin - 60 minutes

Tracy Jacques, RMT/BCST2 (R4)
It’s hard to write about oneself in a short, sweet paragraph or two but I’ll do my best. My journey with trauma and pain has been an interesting one. The good news is I’m generally not in pain anymore, and have a better understanding of it, with a hope to share what has worked for me with others. The challenging part was dealing with pain chronically on a day to day basis.

As a practitioner, I come from an empathetic approach and will always listen and look at where a person is at the day they are standing in front of me. The past although gone, is part of your case history and is hugely relevant. It gives us a place to work from in the moment in time we chose to meet and work together.

Personally, I have found immense change and inner strength in my own body since endeavouring on the Pilates journey. It feels amazing to have functional strength in all activities of life.

My loves are the connection of the brain and the nervous system as well as looking at the body in its entirety.

I hope to share some laughs and find ways to strengthen others from the inside out, with the ultimate goal in mind - to live a great life at any age.

“That’s the thing about pain, it teaches us” ~The Fault in Our Stars

Victoria Jacob, RCST® (R3)
I am fascinated to observe how life invites us to explore ever new chapters to deepen and expand. Many health journeys are these invitations to grow.
My journey began in West Berlin Germany. After school I worked with kids and families living in extreme poverty in and around Paris France. I continued to do so back in Berlin as I decided to study education, anthropology and art therapy. Inspired by my yoga practice, I wrote my bachelors on art and embodiment and my masters about the history of embodiment and the educational system. By then I was teaching in the context of an interdisciplinary research project and finished my PhD with honours on embodiment, peer culture and technology.

From this academic life style in the wild years of Berlin during the Cold War till after The Wall came down, I moved to Armstrong BC of all places to live with my shining husband, some happily un-behaving kids and all kinds of animals to root into the earth of this stunning land. I began to offer yoga and meditation classes and sessions for several healing modalities that I gathered over the years. As cranio-sacral therapy found me, all these approaches weaved together in the biodynamic expression of emotionally integrated somatic healing, which I happen to love and adore so very much. I hope to see you there!
To reach Victoria directly: www.theinnerocean.ca
or email her at love@theinnerocean.ca
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60 Min Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Victoria Jacob, RCST
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60 min Soulflow Healing with Victoria Jacob - 60 minutes

Zabrina Barteaux, RCST®, CHHP (R6)
After growing up in the wilds of northern BC, doing a lot of traveling and living for some time in the Edmonton area,
Zabrina moved to the Okanagan Valley in 2009 to attend a holistic health school in Kelowna, fell in love with the area and never left. In 2010 Zabrina chose Vernon as her home and began building her practice of bodywork and energy healing for horses and people. A lifetime horsewoman, her equine practice allows Zabrina to combine her love of helping horses with her passion for holistic healing, and also allows her many glorious days of driving around the beautiful Okanagan and beyond, while her people practice allows her to follow her path of supporting people in seeking health and healing. Zabrina is thrilled to now offer Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions at Tidal Elements, as she believes this modality has such a profound impact on the healing journey, and at helping us to live our best life. In her Intuitive sessions, Zabrina will custom develop a session based on client preference and which modalities come up as priority that day, for example a session may combine intuitive swedish massage and reflexology, or perhaps chakra balancing with reiki and emotional clearing, finishing with some tuning fork sound healing.

Zabrina is passionate about recognizing the roles of all our systems (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) on our health and life, and also recognizing the gifts in an individual life experience, the resiliency of the physical body, and the magic and the mystery of the soul.

When not working Zabrina loves to practice hot yoga, hike, take care of her animals, study, get wonderful treatments from other practitioners, and enjoy the ride of life.
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60 min Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Zabrina Barteaux
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60 min European Lymph Drainage
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60 Min. Intuitive Massage with Zabrina Barteaux
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60 min Reiki Session with Master Zabrina Barteaux